An exciting Early History of Hungary


Szerző: Dr. László Magocsa

Kiadó neve: Virágmandula Kft.

Méret: 1,2 MB

Kiadás éve: 2012

Állomány formátum: epub

epub ISBN: 978-615-5181-74-0

Ára: 850 - Ft

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This book covers probably the most interesting part of the history of the Hungarian nation from the very beginnings to the era of Saint Stephen, the founder of the Hungarian state.

The style of it is deliberately easy because the author wanted to provide the readers with real pleasure while reading it. Beside the historical facts there are enclosed enjoyable legends in connection with both significant people and events of Hungarian history.

It is sure that after reading (and probably rereading) this book everybody can get closer to this nation because there is a mass of information in it about everyday life of the nomadic Magyars, their warfare, reigning principles, marriage alliances, wanderings from the far side of Siberia to the other side of the Karpathian Basin and even to the Ocean.

An interesting mixture of people live in the Karpathian Basin nowadays because the ancestors of the Magyars, the new settlers at those times came here together with some other tribes and found here some other nations not mentioning those who were captured during wanderings and taken here into the Karpathian Basin to serve the Magyars and to live with them in peace.

This diversity makes the people living in Hungary today really exciting, friendly and adventurous and their history is worth reading.

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