Hour Out - Volume 1.


Szerző: Bobby Tirlea

Kiadó neve: Underground

ISBN szám: 978-615-0013-14-5

Méret: 2,35 MB

Kiadás éve: 2019

Állomány formátum: epub, mobi

mobi Méret: 2,62 MB

Ára: 2949 - Ft

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Here we are now in Hungary, in a small and well-ordered town named Gyula, at the middle of the 90', present at the Frigyes Kálmán high school, first floor, classroom 9/b. Hour Out Volume I (Through the eyes of Jónás Tamás) describes and illustrates a period of harshly half a year, where a most ambiguous and contemptuous class of ninth graders begin their mutual journey of four years to be the plaything of one another. In this class, every one, viz. the boys and girls, know one another since their early years of existence; yet one day, Jónás Tamás has a daring and delusional daydream right before gym class, and it appears that Tintás Rebeka is the one who anticipates, and thus fulfils Tomi’s craving reverie with the aid of their first hour out. Every teacher free class (hour out) would soon progress to be a dark but lavish chamber of sexual games that eventually brings its pupils to the rim of inextricable debauch, having its well-chosen victims. Dark love and affections rise from these plays, and so a hollow pit begins to gap wide for its decadents, especially for Jónás Tamás and Lantos Diána… 

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