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To learn a foreign language is not only a skill which you can use in communicating with people another culture. To learn a foreign language is an art in which you make yourself directly understood to people another culture. A people are defined by its language; it is a culture's life blood. More yet, the language of a people defines its way of thinking, even its national character. To learn the language of another people is to open up deep within and to "play the game" according to their rules. It shows that you truly take the time to make an effort in making mutual communication quicker and more efficient. When speaking in a foreign language with people another culture I have very many often times witnessed how it evinces a smile them and causes them to truly lighten up, and draws you closer to them.

As mentioned in the testimonial I developed this method in order to acquire three language certificates all on my own without the aid of a language teacher. Therefore I didn't pay anything for tuition fees only for languages materials which will be listed shortly. Please notice that since you are on your own in learning the language of your choice, you must be committed to learning that language and persevere in eventually mastering it to the desired degree. This is a key psychological factor in learning languages that cannot be underestimated. Your success in learning a given language can be measured by how committed you are in taking the time in learning it, since there will be no teacher who will prod you to learn the language. In a word, what you get trying to learn a language is how much effort you invest in it. You must truly be interested in the language and show a willingness to study and understand how (and why) things are said differently. These often even mirrors the way people think in another culture. Therefore learning a language is much akin to learning the culture of another people.

In order to apply my method for learning a language you will need these four basic things:

 1. a good dictionary your own language to your target language and the target language to your own language

 2. a couple of good grammar books explaining the grammar of the target language

 3. literature and audio material in the target language

 4. a good friend who speaks the target language fluently who you can practice speaking with


As to point number one, even a simple, smaller dictionary will suffice. Of course, the bigger, the better. Also feel free to use on-line dictionaries since they're free, and there are many kinds. On-line dictionaries are useful if you are learning a rare language, since you might not be able to find one in print.


Welcome, dear reader, to Matthew Cserhati's guide to learning languages quickly and efficiently. The hilite of this method is that it is extremely quick, efficient, and cheap. This method is independent of learning teachers thereby reducing greatly the costs involved in learning languages.

Matthew Cserhati

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