The Principle - Six Steps to Understand The Law of Attraction


Szerző: Lawrence J. Andrews

Kiadó neve: Publio

Oldalszám: 148

ISBN szám: 978-963-424-754-8

Méret: 1,94 MB

Kiadás éve: 2016

Állomány formátum: epub, prc

prc Méret: 2,84 MB

Ára: 1749 - Ft

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Our world is governed by precise laws. We are already familiar with most of them, like the law of gravity. However, there are some laws that we have only just begun to understand, like the law of attraction, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays, yet many people still don't understand how it works exactly. This book reveals and explains in detail how the "thoughts become things" principle affects our lives. Are you ready to discover your true potential?

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