The Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula


Szerző: Judit Lívia Lőrincz

Kiadó neve: Publio

Oldalszám: 12

ISBN szám: 978-963-381-682-0

Méret: 1,65 MB

Kiadás éve: 2014

Állomány formátum: epub, prc

prc Méret: 2,48 MB

Ára: 799 - Ft

Kosárba tesz Kosárba tesz Beleolvas

“Hideous?” I thought to myself. “Look who’s talking, sweetheart! Your skin is like the belly of a dead frog!”
Then I panicked.
“Oh Lord, please give me just a few hours more on the net so that I can arrange things!”
When they left to pick out her wedding dress, I swang into action.
“Homie! Homie! Come out, I need your help!”
“What is it?” the house spider asked.
“Open the lock! I need to get to the computer.”
Homie tried with all his might and he managed to set me free. I jumped over to the keyboard as fast as lightning and after a few hours of work, I crawled back to my terrarium feeling content. Homie locked me up again.
A few days later, when my owner received two plane tickets to Mexico as a wedding gift from his Mexican uncle, he was quite amazed. He was really happy too, of course, to be able to travel to Mexico and meet this distant relative whom he had never met.
I laughed heartily to myself. By the time he realizes he doesn’t have a Mexican uncle, I’ll be home, I thought.
On the morning of the trip, Homie helped me again. After he had set me free, I said goodbye...


Hi everyone! I’m a Mexican Red-kneed Tarantula, and here’s my story. I used to live in a tiny terrarium in a house in Budapest. My owner loved the colour red, so I guess that’s why he bought me. The red poppies always faded too quickly in his vase, and his hibiscus never bloomed red flowers, because he always forgot to water it. 

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