The Orphan's Father


Szerző: Daniel Balogh

Kiadó neve: Publio

Oldalszám: 167

ISBN szám: 978-963-397-057-7

Méret: 527 KB

Kiadás éve: 2014

Állomány formátum: epub

Ára: 1100 - Ft

Kosárba tesz Kosárba tesz

Letölthető demo fájlok: pdf


“The Orphan’s Father” is a story, a dream, a vision. It is an honest stack of imagery about hope and coping. It is a collection of thoughts and fears and abandonment. What it isn’t, is a straightforward, “classic” read with a clear sequence of events lined up to please the brain. Instead, it was written to be felt, seen and lived. Leo Brown is a lonely, middle-aged man who tries to survive by escaping into the past, and by seeking approval from the ones who once mattered; but after all, he is just a man, like millions of his kind: a wrinkled, faded, red balloon, that was left to shrink in a corner of his youth.

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